Individual lessons

An individual lesson is the ideal way to develop a personal practice, which lies at the heart of our approach to yoga. This is how I study with my teacher, Desikachar, and is the primary method of teaching at the KYM in India, which sets the standards for yoga therapy today.

Can you imagine eating only one large meal once a week, rather than enjoying a moderate amount of food each day? Yoga, like food, contributes enormously to energy and to a sense of well being. Your own practice can become a touchstone for developing health and balance, both physical and mental. A daily yoga practice can begin with as little as 15 minutes and develop according to your own situation.

In a private class we listen to your needs and wishes, then observe you and your breathing in selected postures to determine how to proceed. During the lesson, we guide you through a practice which is tailored to you. You will receive a copy of the practice, clearly drawn in stick figures and giving details of breathing, to guide you at home.

A personal yoga practice may be a complementary health modality for someone with special needs such as injury, restricted movement, pregnancy, cancer or other illnesses, mental or emotional stress. It is way of taking time for yourself, cultivating self knowledge, seeing more clearly and finding peace.

Individually students generally begin on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. We also encourage group students to take a private class from time to time, especially if they have special concerns.

Rosemary has taught hundreds of private students over the years, always developing different practices, and being continuously inspired by the way the tools of yoga can be applied to meet each person’s need. The art of working with individuals is a key element in her teacher development program.

Whether new to yoga or a long time practitioner, consider treating yourself to a private lesson!

To book an individual lesson, please contact: