Chant CDs with Rosemary Jeanes Antze

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Sounding Sanskrit: Vedic and Traditional Chants for Yoga. (with booklet). 2005
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra: Chapters I & II:  Listen, Chant, Learn. 2007
Patanjali’s YogaSutra: Chapters III & IV: Listen, Chant, Learn. 2010

Please read the article: Chanting Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra

Yoga Asana: a reference for Sanskrit names. Asana, Classification of Poses, Bandhas, Breathing Techniques, Pranayama. Booklet with 30 minute  CD pronunciation guide.  2012

Yoga Articles by Rosemary Jeanes Antze

Teacher, Student, LineageParabola. 17.3.  1977
Yoga is the Thread of Connection:  An Interview with Rosemary Jeanes AntzePoesis. Vol.3, 2001
A Trip to the Source: KYM celebrates 25 years. FOYTspace. 2001
The Beauty of Tradition:  Discussing Yoga with Rosemary Jeanes Antze. FOYTspace. Fall  2003
Finding a Teacher:  Shopping Dating or a Long-Term Relationship? Kawartha Yoga Views & News. Winter 2003
What is Viniyoga? FOYTspace. February 2003
A Chant to Lighten the Heart: Laghunasyam from the Taittiriya Brahmanam. La Voix du Centre. vol. 4. No.1. March 2005
Knowledge in Yoga. Yoga Bridge. Winter 2007
Breath and Curves of the Spine. Yoga Bridge. Winter 2008.
Individualized Yoga and Personal Practice. Yoga Festival Toronto. 2008
Chanting Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. FOYTspace. Fall 2007
Pranayama – the Breath of Life. Yoga Bridge. Fall 2009

The Stages of T. Krishnamacharya’s Yoga: A Personal Perspective. Yoga Bridge. Autumn 2015

Remembering TKV Desikachar: The Spread and Essence of His Teaching. Yoga Bridge. Winter 2017

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