Student Comments

Through Rosemary’s patient, insightful guidance I have come to understand that the purpose of yoga is to serve me, rather than me having to fit myself into a particular system of  yoga.
Marcia Langenberg

Rosemary’s wealth of knowledge and holistic approach to teaching have been instrumental in encouraging and supporting me in developing my personal practice and in embracing yoga in my day to day life.
Allyson Collymore

Studying yoga with Rosemary is a very joyful experience. I love the way she teaches the Yoga Sutras because she explains them so clearly with examples from everyday life. The practices we do are wonderful — I could do yoga all day — they are both easy and challenging. Working with the breath in yoga has transformed my practice.
Frances Adamson

I always leave the retreat wanting more… more time to myself, more camaraderie with like minds and more chanting.
Mary Leblanc

Somehow Rosemary is able to intuit what to say to us so that her words are, every time, a message which I find is addressed to me personally. I am sure that everyone else in the class feels the same.
Lillian Kapp

In spite of my disabilities and my declining years, each class with Rosemary is so restorative – in mind, body and spirit. My old legs walk better and my whole body seems more energized when I leave. Her caring and thoughtfulness are inspirations to the whole class. I hope I can continue attending for a long time – there is so much to learn.
Florence Watts

The individual lesson with you was a very special event and its teachings have touched me deeply. The practice you gave me has been really really soothing. Magically it continues to reveal subtleties. In the morning it warms me up nicely and in the evening, after a day of work, it cools me down. It brings ongoing peace and relaxation. The breathing has been the most inspiring part. Many  thanks!
Steven Henderson

When I first started with Rosemary seven years ago,  her yoga class at Hart House was the only two hours of the week when I felt calm!  Now I find that due to my daily practice, that sense of calm has spread through every day.  She is excellent at structuring a yoga practice that meets the needs of the individual. She gave me a practice that gives me energy in the morning and builds my confidence. Her emphasis on individual practice works well for my lifestyle, so I don’t have to leave my house in order to practice. I think this encourages self-reliance. For instance, she always reminds me to follow my breath during our private lesson, and in doing this I learn something new every day during my practice at home.
Veronica Macleod

I have been practicing yoga with Rosemary for over ten years and find it a valuable mainstay in my life.  The physical, breathing and meditative elements of the practice as she teaches it are a wonderful combination and address different needs in my life. Rosemary’s own joy in being a student and teacher of yoga in the tradition of Desikachar and Krishnamacharya is inspiring and engaging. Rosemary encourages an approach which embraces yoga as part of everyday life and a posture of listening and learning to our bodies, our hearts and our minds.
Betsy Anderson

Rosemary has been my teacher for 15 years. Truthfully, I carry what I have learned from her with me everyday.  She has a deep understanding of all aspects of yoga and a wonderful ability to share what she knows with others. It is through my work with Rosemary that yoga helps me live my life. Yoga contributes to an overall sense of well being but it also helps me address specific physical challenges as they arise. I use breathing techniques and simple chant to focus and direct my mind in stressful situations. Yoga gives me ways to cultivate a stable, calm and reflective manner. In essence, Rosemary has shown me that yoga is an ally in facing and dealing with everything that life presents.
Heather Speers

I have studied yoga with Rosemary for seven years now, and our classes always put me “in a special place” in my mind. This is not “fad” yoga but the real experience, both physical and spiritual. As a teacher Rosemary has adapted yoga movements to everyone’s physical abilities or injuries. It’s great!
Janet Rubinoff

I was reflecting on the “things that stuck” for me from the workshop, and I think the most profound thing for me was hearing Rosemary’s teachings, while watching them being reflected in the very movement of her own body. It shows in her body that she practices what she “preaches”.

Megan Kim